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Easy Piano

- Learninghow to play the piano? We want everyone to be able to learn the piano in a fun way,that's why we arranged a good number of popular and well known tunes for beginners.
-Thatis why we call it a"Fake easy piano book", because it's easy to play but it doesn'tsound like, you'reactually playing the most popular classical pieces ever!
-Youcan find the books below, but wealso offer single pieces, because you might want to learn just one! Click on the booksto enlarge them and click on the title to download them or get singlescores.

1st BOOK: "The Fake Easy Piano Book"
|| 2ndBOOK: "The Fake Easy Piano Book (II)"

fake easy Ifake easy II

Watch this to see howChopin's Etude No.3 "Tristesse" or "The Entertainer" can be transformed in a couple of touching simplemelody for beginners.

Technical improvement
Do you want to improve your pianotechnique? We have the appropiate books and sheet musicto do so. At what level you would like to practise?
Do you want to download the mosttypical, most known, top download sheet music ever? Goahead!

Jazz versions

Looking for something new? Welike to reinvent the classicsand we have also written some jazz "covers" or versions on classicalknown pieces. Click hereto see all our jazzy works.
Have a lookat this uncommon version of Chopin's FantasieImpromptu.


Are you looking for specificworks written by a specific composer? Click on "BROWSEBY COMPOSERS" in the left menu and you're done!

Youwill see that we split between "originals" and "arrangements" inside acomposer. Original means everything the composer has originally writtenand inside arrangements you will find the author's works butarranged (by him or by someone else) for other instruments.

- But... if you'relooking for some of the following composers, you are lucky, just clickon 'em!





Now looking for arrangements foran specific instrument or combination of instruments? You'relucky, click "BROWSEARRANGEMENTS" and choose the desired category on the leftmenu. However, you have some categories below!

Piano soloPiano 4 hands

Violin and PianoClarinet and Piano

Are you a singer? Looking forvoice sheet music? Wehave collected a lot voice (S/A/T/B) + piano scores. We've looked forthe most popular opera arias and beautiful voice pieces. Getall them now! We will soon have voice quartet SATB sheetmusic available!

Looking for some wedding music?We have a selection of pieces and arrangements ready to be played inany wedding. Downloadthem!!

Xmas Music
Wealsohave some Christmas sheet music! Click above to see thecatalogue. 

That is new! You will  find our Christmas music playlist withsome jazzy arrangementsof Christmas Carols and Karaokes to singalong on Youtube by clicking here.


Ifyou have any questions, visitour FAQ and contact section.


" We would like to offer musicians the possibility tofindany kind of sheet music they couldbe looking for. In OLCBarcelona Sheet Music you will find hundreds oforiginal scores written by the greatest classical composers, especiallypiano works. Most of them are for free! However,you will be glad to find so many classicalarrangements written by dozens of arrangers; easy pianoversions from classics, piano arrangements oforchestral works (symphonies, concertos,...),classical works turned into jazz versions ,piano works arranged for chamber music,... Youwill not find those piano arrangements in otherwebsites!

REQUESTS? Of course. Youcan request us any work you need
;we have a lot of unpublished stuff back there, and if you're lookingfor something really exclusive, we can write it for you. Weare happy to have great musicians browsing our site and we make ourbest to satisfy their needs. If you don't feel confidentwith digital sheet music you can get informationabout how to download and purchase scores reading our FAQ!
Also,you can learn more about us 
hereIfyou have any question or suggestion contact us here
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OLC Barcelona Sheet Music manager"  


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