Barcelona Sheet Music

Nocturne No.2 - Jazz version

Título original Chopin's Nocturne No.2 jazzed up for piano
CompositorFrédéric Chopin
Arranjador OLC Barcelona Sheet Music
EditorOLC Barcelona Sheet Music
Gênero Arranjo
Chave Mi (E) bemol maior
Pontuado paraSolo
Tipo de pontuaçãoFor a single performer
Dificuldade Medium
This is the piano sheet music of a jazzed up version of the well known Nocturne No. 2 (Eb major) by F. Chopin.
It's a swing version with jazz chords that includes some solos on the nocturne's harmony. Very original and nice to play. Can be played ad libitum, there's not a particular tempo intended.

I jazzed it up myself, please contact me if you have any question:
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data da postagem: 24 fev 2014